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Tsukihibiki Tsukihibiki 5 August

Profile Tags

Good day everyone!

We’ve come down to a few more days until the premiere of the first episode of Girls Planet 999. To celebrate/commemorate (?) it, I will be taking in custom Profile Tags requests for your main picks from everyone!

What are Profile Tags? If you look at my user page, for example. You can see the “Planet Guardian”, “Reinatic” and the “Sysop” profile tags. Usually these are given to administrators or higher ranks on a wiki, but I feel like trying something different^^

Guidelines To request your own, you don’t have to be really formal to me lol, but it’s only limited to one pick only. Like mine, I made up the word “Reinatic”, but yours could be maybe “Reina Fan” or anything else for example, be creative, but not too long or else it …

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Himari Akari Sato Himari Akari Sato 19 July


Hi, I noticed that all Girls Planet 999 contestants have been revealed, which were 33 girls from South Korea, 33 girls from China and 33 from Japan. But the trainees list is still not updated (totally blank) and I'm not able to edit the page has been protected to prevent editing or other actions. So who is able to edit can he/she/they edit the page?

The contestants are on the website by the way.

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Tsukihibiki Tsukihibiki 11 July

Wiki Editing

Hello everyone!

I’d like to talk on wiki editing today. Since we’ve gain an amount of new users editing here, it seems that a lot of things aren’t really going right it a sense. But no worries, here I’ll explain most if not all about what’s going on.

  • 1 Admin Noticeboard, Wiki Guidelines
  • 2 Images
  • 3 Trainee Profiles

I’ve talked about this before, but I’ll be reminding everyone. Please do take some time reading the Guidelines before you start editing. With this, it will minimise the mistakes you do while editing, and also refer to other existing pages for reference. You are also advised to check the Admin Noticeboard every now and then for updates on whatever’s happening.

I’ve notified some users on this but now I might as well tell everyone. Based on o…

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Netfelix Netfelix 4 July



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Tsukihibiki Tsukihibiki 4 July

Wiki Positions OPEN

UPDATE: For easy communication between editors, I do suggest you to join the Girls Planet 999 Wikicord here

First of all, welcome and thank you so much for your contribution on the Girls Planet 999 Wiki!

I’m Hibiki, now taking over the role as the Bureaucrat and the Admin of this wiki. Now that I’ve gotten things sorted out, with only some minor adjustments needed, I’d like to announce that I’ll be opening up the admin and moderator positions for this wiki!

To apply, do take note that the basic criteria needed are:

  • Have contributed a suitable amount in the wiki in a period of time.
  • Active member of the wiki.
  • Knows the basic of the wiki and wiki editing.

To apply, please click here. Note: Do consider editing for an amount of time if you haven’t ye…

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