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Episode 10

Episode 10 is the tenth episode of Girls Planet 999. It was aired on October 8, 2021.


The episode begins with the girls attending a fan meeting with some viewers of the show. They perform several of their past performances from the Planet Demo Stage and the previous two missions. After the fan meeting, the girls give presents to the audience.

The episode then begins to the commencement of the Creation Mission performances. The "Shoot!" team performs first, followed by the "Utopia" team. The "U+Me=LOVE" team then performs, followed by the "Snake" team. After the performances, the winner is announced to be the "U+Me=LOVE" team, scoring 94.17 out of 100 points.

Then, it is revealed that the real final mission is named the O.O.O Mission which will take place during the finale episode. Further details are revealed; the girls will be first organized into 3 different groups that will perform a debut group version of the show's theme song, "O.O.O (Over&Over&Over)". The teams were voted for by the viewers through Universe.


Connect Mission



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