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Episode 9

Episode 9 is the ninth episode of Girls Planet 999. It was aired on October 1, 2021.


The Creation Mission continues with the 26 girls rearranging parts and changing lineups for their Creation Mission songs. The "Shoot!" team became the only team without any lineup changes nor part rearrangements since half of the original members were eliminated in the previous episode and had their same parts as the remaining ones. After changing lineups and rearranging parts for their Creation Mission songs, all teams continue practicing until when they leave their dorms for a special mission called the Planet Teamwork Mission.

In the Planet Teamwork Mission, all teams must perform their Creation Mission songs no matter where they go using teamwork.

The "Shoot!" team goes to Kim Dayeon's apartment, where they meet Dayeon's mom and write letters to Dayeon in her bedroom. They later perform their song in front of Dayeon's mom and eat sushi for lunch at Dayeon’s dad’s sushi restaurant.

The "Snake" team goes to a rural town, where they harvest sweet potatoes and chili peppers for lunch and meet the "Shoot!" team in a video call. They later perform their song in front of the town's residents at the town hall along with two trot songs.

The "U+Me=LOVE" team goes to Lotte World Tower, where they receive a massage and eat dinner at a luxurious restaurant in the tower. They later meet the "Snake" team in a video call while eating dinner and perform their song in the 118th floor.

The "Utopia" team hikes and paraglides, but two of its members were left behind due to the direction of the wind that made the paraglides hard to fly. The other three members meet the two members who couldn't fly by the direction of the wind and reunite as a team.

All teams return to their dorms in the night and sleep in their bedrooms.

6 days after the Planet Teamwork Mission, all teams start rehearsing for their songs, but the rehearsal was interrupted when the second interim results were announced to the girls. The top 18 contestants were announced in ascending order, followed by the temporary Planet Top 9. C-Group contestant Shen Xiaoting remains in first place while the original centers of the show's theme song returned to first place in their respective groups.

After the second interim results, a scene from a month earlier showed 54 girls from the Combination Mission return for field day. On field day, the 54 girls from each group form a team and compete in a series of games. The winning team receives fleece jackets while the runner-up team receives cosmetics sets. J-Group won with a total of 720 points, followed by C-Group with 450 points and K-Group with 300 points. The episode ends with K-Group receiving towels as a prize for finishing 3rd.


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