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Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga (걸스플래닛999 : 소녀대전), also known as Girls Planet 999 (걸스플래닛999) is a reality-survival show, broadcasted on iQIYI, AbemaTV and Mnet. The show aired starting from August 6, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. KST. The ultimate goal is to debut a global 9-member girl group.

Official Description

To achieve the dream of becoming K-POP idol 99 girls from KOR·CHN·JPN have come together to Girls Planet!
'Masters' are the council body which discusses and decides everything inside Girls Planet. And 'Planet Guardians(global fans)' are the ones who protect and support the girls' dream outside Girls Planet.

K-POP 아이돌의 꿈을 이루기 위해 경계를 넘어 Girls Planet에 모인 한.중.일 99명의 소녀들! '마스터'들은 Girls Planet 안에서 모든 일을 논의하고 결정하는 협의체이고 '플래닛 가디언(글로벌 팬)'들은 Girls Planet 밖에서 소녀들의 꿈을 지켜주고 응원하는 존재이다.

为了实现成为K-POP idol的梦想 跨界相聚在GIRLS PLANET的,中.韩.日99名少女们! '领航人'是置身于GIRLS PLANET,讨论和决策一切事物的团体 '行星守卫者(全世界的粉丝群体)'是存在于GIRLS PLANET的外围, 为少女们的梦想应援和护航。

為了實現成為K-POP idol的夢想 跨界相聚在GIRLS PLANET的,中.韓.日99名少女們! '領航人'是置身於GIRLS PLANET,討論和決策一切事物的團體 '行星守衛者(全世界的粉絲群體)'是存在於GIRLS PLANET的外圍,為少女們的夢想應援和護航。

K-POPアイドルという夢を叶えるために境界を超えて、Girls Planetに集まった日韓中の99人の少女たち!

'マスター'は、Girls Planetの中における全てのことを議論して決める協議体で、'プラネットガーディアン(グローバルファン)'は、 Girls Planetの外で少女たちの夢を応援し、守ってくれる存在である。


Mnet released a statement announcing that they would make a new survival show "Girls Planet 999". They explained that they were searching for female auditionees born before January 1, 2006 that were either of Korean, Japanese, or Chinese nationality. The deadline for audition was set to be February 28, 2021.[1]

The show will air on Naver TV, Mnet, iQIYI and AbemaTV starting in August 2021. Out of 13,000 auditionees, 99 were chosen to be trainees: 33 from China, 33 from Japan and 33 from the country in which it will be filmed in, South Korea. [2]


GP999 Concept.png
  • Girls
    99 independent who overcome their own limits and finally achieve their dreams.
  • Planet Guardian
    K-Pop fans around the globe who guard and support the girls' dream.
  • Planet Master
    The symbolic figure of Girls Planet and the guide who connects global K-Pop fans and Girls Planet.
  • K-Pop Master
    The symbol of the girls' dream and their role models : the group of legendary K-Pop artists.
  • Vocal/Dance Master
    The mentors. The trainers who lead development in skills to let the girls achieve their dream.
    The digital space which connects Planet Guardians and the girls.


Cells are groups of 3 with each girl in the group serving a different nationality South Korea, China and Japan. As announced in Episode 1, if one of the cellmates gets eliminated, then the whole cell gets eliminated. In episode 1, the first cell reformation took place in which the Planet Top 9 chosen by the masters for the Planet Demo Stage picked out their own new cellmates.




Extended plays

Title Details Peak Chart Positions
Girls Planet 999 -

Creation Mission

  • Released: October 8, 2021
  • Label: Stone Music Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
Track list
Girls Planet 999 –

Completion Mission

  • Released: October 22, 2021
  • Label: Stone Music Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
Track list

  1. Shine
  2. Another Dream


Title Year Peak positions Album
KOR[3] KOR Hot JPN Hot
"O.O.O. (Over&Over&Over)" 2021 Non-album single
"U+Me=LOVE" [4] Girls Planet 999 -

Creation Mission

"Snake" (뱀) [5]
"Shoot!" [6]
"Utopia" [7]
"Shine" TBA Girls Planet 999 –

Completion Mission

"Another Dream"
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.


In the table below, turquoise numbers represent the lowest ratings and magenta numbers represent the highest ratings.

Ep Original Airdate AGB Nielsen Ratings
1 August 6, 2021 0.461%
2 August 13, 2021 0.760%
3 August 20, 2021 0.708%
4 August 27, 2021 0.711%
5 September 3, 2021 0.858%
6 September 10, 2021 0.787%
7 September 17, 2021 0.838%
8 September 24, 2021 0.793%
9 October 1, 2021 0.710%
10 October 8, 2021 0.592%
11 October 15, 2021 0.634%
12 October 22, 2021 TBA


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