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Hello and welcome to the Girls Planet 999 Wiki. Like most wikis, you can find our policies or guidelines at our Guidelines.

Our policies have been updated and developed to make this wiki an informative and trustworthy database for Girls Planet 999 fans, new or old. Our policies apply to all editors.

Here at the wiki, we strive to make a fun and peaceful environment, constantly striving to be the best that we can to further increase information about the series and its universe.

Policies need to be approached with common sense, and any sort of conflict will be settled maturely.

Guidelines Manual of Style Layout Guide Image Policy

This policy outlines acceptable guidelines for the upload and use of images.

General Rules

  1. All images from official sources can be placed in the correct image gallery.
  2. Any user that uploads pictures and or .gifs for use on their personal page will find that after inactivity for 2 months that picture or .gif can and will be deleted. They must also be tagged as such.
  3. Any picture or .gif that is uploaded and has not found a use (either on a user page or in the articles) within a week of upload will be deleted.

Unsuitable or unused images can, and will, be deleted at any point without warning by an administrator.

Image Usage

  1. Picture Size: Article pictures are to be kept no more and no less than a size of 190px, with exclusion given to the profile picture, which will be kept at 250px.
  2. Image Sources: Only images from official sources, such as their social media, etc may be used in the articles.
  3. Screenshots: Screenshots may be posted if labelled correctly or are in high quality.
  4. Video Screenshots: Screenshots must be in the highest quality possible without distractions like wordmarks, subtitles or cursors. If deemed poor quality, the user will be asked to delete them and if not, will just be removed.
  5. Trainee Profiles: The most recent release shoot must be used.

Uploading Images

  1. Images used in articles are generally to be .jpg or .png. Gifs are not recommended to use in articles.
  2. They must be uploaded in the highest quality possible.
  3. Do not upload duplicates of images. All duplicates will be deleted.
  4. Do not upload any pornographic images or images containing inappropriate language. Images will be immediately deleted and the user will be blocked without warning.
  5. Only upload images you intend to use.
  6. Do not mark images as your own.
  7. Images from lives and taken by fans are not allowed on the site, unless you have permission of the photographer or the photographer posts it themselves.

Infobox Usage

  1. Trainee Infoboxes must only have one picutre.
    • Trainee images that will be used will be determined by the administrators.
  2. Infobox images must show the entire face and in HD quality.

File Name

The file name should be descriptive of what the image actually depicts or is used for. Default named images (e.g: IMG, Screenshot, etc) will be asked to be renamed or deleted if there are multiple errors.

File Name Examples
Trainee Profiles

Persons name + Name of Shoot + (number if there are multiple)

  • Person's Name = Kubo Reina
  • Name of Shoot = Profile
  • Number
Release Covers

Release (in original title) + Type

  • Release =
  • Type = CD
Episode Screenshots

EP + Episode Number + (number if there are multiple)

  • Episode = EP
  • Episode Number

If you are unsure as to what to name an image, find an image similar and copy its name. If still unsure, go see an admin.

Legal Tagging

The copyright of all images remains with anyone else who legally owns the material. No one else can claim that they own the image or can restrict its use.


Images will be marked for deletion if they are unused, irrelevant, labelled incorrectly and/or violate any of the policies listed above.


To replace an image, one must have a higher quality of the same image. If unable to be replaced, the former image must be deleted and the better image must be uploaded.